When it comes to rebar, Cox Lumber can be your partner for every step of your commercial or residential project.

From consultation to design to delivery, Cox Lumber rebar professionals will be there for you.

 COX LUMBER HAS INTRODUCED OUR NEW EURA 20 REBAR MACHINE! This is a game changer in the Cayman Islands! WHY BENT CUT TAG REBAR WITH COX LUMBER? Detailed estimates for builders compared to their take off Cox is responsible for all waste; guaranteeing the customer the poundage for the job Flexibility on how long the price can be held Installation time is a savings up to 60% Delivery to job site is done in stages as the product is needed on site Easier BCU approval and job site inspections Cox Lumber offers job-site support as needed.

Cox Lumber supplies mesh, pilings, and rebar stock in different sizes.

For the best rebar services in Cayman contact us to have our experienced team at Cox Lumber work for you!

Builders and contractors know they can count on Cox Lumber to assist with any job big or small.

Our rebar specialists are standing by to help you with rebar for residential or commercial projects. 

Call Kent Conolly at 525-0314 for questions or a quote.

                                                                       Kent Conolly, Cox Lumber Industrial Park 

When your rebar project is bent, cut and tagged we will then deliver anywhere on island FOR FREE!

Cox Lumber is Cayman’s #1 contractor supplier and is #1 in Cayman with rebar!