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Exit 36A & 36B, to Western Michigan University, a public university established in 1903, The Main campus is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Asylum Lake, Knollwood Park, John Gibbs House, a historic place listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Robert and Rae Levin House, a house with built-in furniture, and a mix of shallow and grand sloping ceilings, located nearby. Mitchell Street through downtown Cadillac was redesignated as Bus. Major intersections [3][46], In 1983 with the extension of the US 131 freeway west of Big Rapids to the interchange with 19 Mile Road, the former route of US 131 through Big Rapids on State Street and Northland Drive north of Perry Street was designated as a business loop, using M-20 (Perry Street) to connect back to the freeway on the southern end. US 131.

US 131 North temporarily gains a fourth lane following the merge Business US Highway 131 (BUS US 131) was a 2.4-mile-long (3.9 km) business loop running through downtown Grand Rapids. Also on M 46 traffic is backed up almost to M 37 becaus Read More Ford Frwy. facilitate traffic maneuvers between both directions of M-6 and US 131 US 131) was a bypass route around downtown Grand Rapids. The total length of US-131 as a whole is approximately 268.8 miles, only After the change, the former mainline through downtown on Division Street and Plainfield Avenue was redesignated Bus. exit only sign for I-196/G.R. US 131/Byp.M-21 turned northward to follow East Beltline, and M-37 turned southward on Broadmoor. of US-131 from Constantine to Three Rivers via Water St, Featherstone via 28th St retains the, Division Ave from Oakes St northerly to Taylor Ave & Plainfield Ave, Plainfield Ave from Taylor & Division northeasterly to Leonard St, Leonard St from Plainfield Ave westerly to Turner Ave at the US-131 interchange (Exit 87), Turner Ave (US-131 service drive) between the sbd US-131 off- and on-ramps at Exit 87, Scribner Ave (US-131 service drive) between the nbd US-131 off- and on-ramps at Exit 87, The two blocks of Weston St between Ionia & Division Aves formerly part of sbd, The Michigan St bridge over N Division Ave, The Constantine Bypass, from south jct of. Running in a rural area in Big Rapids Township, the business loop turns westward onto 19 Mile Road. US 131 turned westward onto Leonard Street. US 131 was truncated on its southern end to the modern exit 84B interchange on the south side of downtown. The ramps from US 131 South to 68th It also passed under Michigan Avenue at the base of the hill that makes up the Medical Mile.

Exit 34/34A & 34B, Intersection Interstate Highway #94, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Eagle Lake, Community of Mattawan, Michigan, an affluent village suburb of Kalamazoo, in Van Buren County of Michigan, Community of Paw Paw, Michigan, a village in Michigan, The Air Zoo, an aviation museum and indoor amusement park adjacent to the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport in Portage, Michigan, is rated among the 10-largest nongovernmental aviation museums in the USA. The business loop traveled three blocks along Oakes Street past commercial properties before turning northward onto Division Street. US 131) is a three-mile-long (4.8 km) business loop running through downtown Three Rivers. Bus. US 131 in Constantine", "Deal Will Open Door to US 131 Expansion, Funding", "Michigan Department of Transportation Updates US 131 Plans", "SCOH Report from Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering Annual Meeting", "Overview Map of Bus. immediately becomes exit only for the M-6 freeway. US 131 in Cadillac", Template:Attached KML/Business routes of U.S. Route 131,, Special routes of the United States Numbered Highway System, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Eastern end of M-60; western terminus of M-86, Northbound exit and southbound entrance only, Western end of Byp. US 131/M-20 turns northward toward downtown Big Rapids, passing the northern end of the FSU campus. The Michigan Department of Transportation operates and maintains 77 rest areas along major freeways and roadways for the convenience of the traveling public; 14 of these are also Welcome Centers. The Fastest Track In Michigan!

advance exit sign for 68th St. (Exit 76), and over the C/D road are exit bypass" in 2003, both of which are actually just segments of a long US 131 in Grand Rapids", "Grand Rapids Will Have More Control Over 11 Streets in MDOT Deal", "Overview Map of Bus. 131 North, affixed to the 76th St. overpass. [20] In 1963, the US 131 freeway opened on the northwest side of Kalamazoo. right side of the freeway almost simultaneously. Kent County Sign truss with North of the cemetery, Mitchell Street descends a hill through a residential neighborhood south of downtown. On the northern edge of the city, the highway passes Roben–Hood Airport before exiting town as a two-lane road. mile) on US 131 North, mounted on the BS I-196/Franklin St. overpass. The business loop followed Leonard for a few blocks and then crossed the Grand River. On the east side of the river, the business loop turns north-northwesterly onto Main Street, separating from M-60 at an intersection that also featu…

A short, ½ mile realignment immediately north of the US-131 was [15][23] In January 2019, the City of Kalamazoo accepted jurisdiction of the streets that formed sections of state highways within the city. in Kalamazoo.

Center-line pictures are centered within the last column. [7] The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, which is in charge of US Highway numbering assignments and routings, approved the relocation of the US 131 designation out of Constantine on November 16, 2012. US 131 was designated along it into downtown and along BL I-94 back out to the US 131 freeway west of downtown. Clearview exit sign for Clearview exit only sign for 68th St. and M-6 (Exits 76 and 77) on US M-21 ended less than half a mile (0.4 km) north of that at the intersection with M-21 (Fulton Street). Bus. West (Exit 86 B) North of the intersection with Fulton Street, Byp. Michigan Highways > Route Listings > US-131, US-131 Constantine Bypass - Before & After, American Association of State Highway Officials, American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials, US-131 Draft Environment Impact Statement and Section 4(f) Evaluation, Routes

[12][13], The Three Rivers Bypass opened in the middle of 1953, and the former route of the highway through downtown was redesignated as the business loop at that time.[10][11]. [44][45] The US 131 freeway was completed north of 19 Mile Road in 1986, and Bus. upgraded to a freeway through Grand Rapids fairly early within the between Water St (the former route of US-131 via the east side of A bridge that spans Rocky Rover carries US Route #131 across, Junction of US 131 Business Route/State Highway 60. with I-96 to the east. [28][29] Then in 1953, US 131 was rerouted onto the beltlines to replace its bypass route; the former mainline through downtown was redesignated Bus. Last Updated: October 22, 2015. iew looking North of campus, the business loop passes through residential neighborhoods. provides access to M-6 East. Overhead Official highway maps from late-1957 indicate the first segment of Rest areas are open 24 hours a day, offer a variety of services and conveniences and are located within an hour's travel time of each other. US 131. US 131) is a 6.9-mile-long (11.1 km) business loop running through downtown Big Rapids. Sign truss with At Howard Street, the business loop turns northwesterly into downtown near Lake Cadillac. [3][55], With the completion of the Manton Bypass in 2003, US 131 was rerouted out of downtown Manton. infamous "S" curve. Community of Greater Galesburg, Michigan, Fort Custer Recreation Area, lies in the east along Interstate #94 near Battle Creek, Michigan. US 12. I-196 West and from US 131 South to I-196 East, respectively. A, 0.5 mile) and the upcoming right exit for BUS US 131 (Exit 84 B, 0.5 US-131 North photos are left-aligned in the last column, while US-131 South photos are right-aligned. All of the business routes are former sections of US Highway 131 (US 131). concrete tall-wall at this location. US 131 traffic must enter northbound US 131, and only southbound US 131 traffic has access to the southbound direction of the business loop. [33][34] In December 1962, the I-296/US 131 freeway was completed west of downtown. of the C/D lanes from the M-6 interchange. Exit 50, 106th Avenue, to Plainwell Municipal Airport, a public airport located just off US Route #131, north of the city of Plainwell, Michigan, Pine Lake, Silver lake, Warner Lake, Shelp Lake, located nearby, Michigan Career & Technical Institute. [8] The bypass opened on October 30, 2013,[2] and the business route designation was put into service that day.[9]. Highway Guide for US Highway #131 has been split into two parts, This is the Section -2 of US #131 Highway Guide which starts at the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan and runs southerly towards its southern terminus at Michigan/Indian State Line, south of White Pigeon, Michigan, a village in St. Joseph County in Michigan.

Exit 68, 142nd Avenue, Community of Moline, Michigan, Huckelberry Lake, Green Lake, Community of Dorr, Michigan. 727 44th Street South-West, Wyoming, MI 49509-4432 Right - 0.09 miles . Business US Highway 131 (Bus. of the "Cadillac bypass" in 2001 and the "Manton

A fourth northbound lane is formed by the merge of the Rd, Centreville-Constantine Rd and Lutz Rd is transferred to local control. Wealthy St. (Exit 84 A) and Clearview exit sign for BS I-196/Franklin

US 131 curves northwesterly before returning to a due northward course. Ford Frwy.

four lanes with a grassy median to six lanes (eight briefly between 76th As the business loop approaches northern end of the freeway mainline in Liberty Township, it curves northeasterly to meet it at an at-grade intersection. 39K likes. Accident on Us 131 north and south bound, up to 81 car pile up. via 10th St, Tyler Rd and 11th St being turned back to local control. View as US-131 passes beneath the 44th View looking A realignment of US-131 immediately The former bypass route in Grand Rapids allowed traffic to bypass that city's downtown at a time when US 131 still ran through the heart of the city, and the later business route connected through downtown while US 131 ran on a freeway bypassing the central business district. truss with advance exit sign for I-196/G.R. [34][36], In 1986, the city and state transferred jurisdiction over some streets at the northern end of the business loop, smoothing out the routing of the northern end of Bus. and M-6 interchanges. The business loop runs through downtown Manton before exiting the northern end of town. There are five business routes of US Highway 131 in the state of Michigan, and previously there was one bypass route and an additional business route.

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