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HB Brewing is a family owned U.S. based company that LOVES ALL THINGS COFFEE! Close to the nitro cold brew at Dutch Bros and Starbucks. Not sure if it's something on my end with how I set it up but I have brand new lines, nitro … Home Contact Shop Cart 0. If you’re familiar with the line of coffee-inspired e liquids from Nitro’s Cold Brew, you know that this juice company understands flavor like few other brands out there.Now, they’ve presented us with Nitro Cold Brew … Scroll. I just wish it was a little cheaper, especially since it is smaller than the cans at Dutch Bros. Get Nitro in a can and enjoy real cold brew coffee from Red Barn Nitro and Red Barn Coffee Roasters. Our passion is NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE, and we now offer a coffee dispensing system so you can enjoy the rich, silky, smoothness of nitro cold brew … Please contact us for more information about our coffee and tea in … It's great having nitro cold brew at home but I feel like the taste has changed since when I first tapped it a week or so ago. Our COffee. THe Cold Brew For you (Wherever you Are). We source only specialty grade, 100% arabica beans for our cold brew … Buy Cold Brew . Cart 0. Home Contact Shop. These flavors of our nitro cold brew kegs are available in our Direct Distribution Program and may not be available through every distributor. I would buy it regularly if I could get it for 3-4 for dollars …

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