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candle color for protection

I think of white candles like clear crystal quartz. We’ll show you some richly colored options. It protects you from evil and negative energy, for a period between 3 to 6 months. People who burn a purple candle seek to expand what they already have, obtain spiritual protection, seek reconciliation, or find recognition. If you want to attract a new partner in your life, light two pink candles every day. Remember that protection candles are useless if you do not intend to protect yourself and to make the entities or evil energies go away, keep this in mind. Brings the lighter energy side when working with water. This is most effective when you know specifically what you want to defend against. You can let the candle burn out completely or extinguish it and relight it when you want to do a protection exercise, creating a sort of little protection ritual for you, your house and your loved ones. Make your own way here, but as you do your candle magic, think of that transfer of energy from you into the candle. Bless your candles with gratitude and maybe a chant or two. Don’t know where to get the candle that you need? For protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others. White is the color of protection and purification. Green and Black (Double Action)–remove money-jinxing. We light pink candles during rituals aimed at self-acceptance and increasing love for ourselves. Aquarius (January, 20 – February, 18): aqua, blue/green, grey/light blue ... Candle Colors … the destruction of negative energy, peace, truth and purity, or they can be used to represent any other candle color. It is an oil that is used to scare away evil spirits. The purple color is one of the most magical colors. White — White represents the highest level of consciousness. So you may be wondering “how do I actually do candle magic?”at this point. People who burn a blue candle seek harmony, truth, creativity, and guidance. What colors are helpful in candle magic and how you can work with them. Color energies are useful in many ways. White–spiritual blessings, peace, purity Pink is the color of happiness. In brief, these are: Allergies- Violet; Anxiety- Rose; Colds- Green/violet; Depression- Orange/Indigo/Rose; Insomnia- Blue; Indigestion- Yellow; Fever- Blue; Headaches- Green/blue; Diabetes- Yellow; What do different candle colors mean? Feel free to share this article on Pinterest! This seems simple, but sometimes it is not. Red — Red represents temporary pleasures. In protection rituals, you can help the effect of the candle by writing down your purpose. Green–to drive off (some say for success) Black candles are also a great interior decoration. Green — Green represents success. Make your own way and trust your intuition as you learn. Yellow–success, attraction, money (gold) Candle magic is a form of ritual or spellwork that calls on the element of fire to bring greater energy and power to the working. A candle of this color keeps your home safe and prevents negative energies. This guide is meant to lend you perspective, not to tell you what to do. While choosing the right candle candle for your spell is important, you can also use essential oils to give your spells a magical boost. You can also soak the candle with essential oil of St. John’s wort. A reversing spell can break black magic spells cast against you. Pink–attraction, romance, clean living © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. People who burn a red candle tap into Scorpio energy and seek love, respect, survival, and power. When you begin the work, be sure to focus on the main reason you selected the candle color you're using in your magic spell. Prophecy, healing, peace, chastity, divinity, protection. Black candles, as we learned above, are generally used for protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from ourselves and others. And every time we see the candle, we approach it and make the request that the evil energies or those that want to harm us move away. Protection Spell Casting creates a protective shield around you. Burning a white candle in conjointment with a meditative state is to seek protection, healing and purification. We have the energies of the souls of the deceased who are on another plane but who can influence us. “Charging” simply refers to the process by which we infuse our consious and intangible desire into a tangible object–in this case, a candle. It can act as a conduit for your intention to become reality in this physical world, or can simply be just another step in your process. However, long before Gerald Brousseau Gardner started the Wicca movement in the 1950s, there were other witches, such as white witches and red witches casting magic candle spells and still do today.

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